Let's get the health of the most vulnerable counted

The Millennium Development Goals will run out in 2015. Work is already underway on a new global framework to replace them.

In the coming weeks UK Prime Minister David Cameron has a unique opportunity to make sure the most vulnerable people are properly counted in this framework. He is one of the chairs of a global panel making recommendations to the UN in a report due out in May. It is vital that the health of the very poorest and most vulnerable – like indigenous women – is properly tracked by this new framework. To make this a reality, world leaders need to commit to measuring progress for the most vulnerable by breaking down data into different strands,such as by income and ethnicity.

This matters because rates of deaths for mothers and young children can be as much as three times as high in indigenous communities compared to the national averages. Yet the current nature of data collection means this is not tracked across countries or regions, so decisions about where to focus efforts may not take into account these marginalised groups.

Please email your MP asking him/her to write to David Cameron, calling for the health of the most vulnerable to be properly counted in the new framework.