Inequality must not be invisible

Inequality must not be invisible in the new UN framework to end poverty

A major new report was released in May, setting out how a new UN framework to tackle global poverty might look. Once agreed, this new framework of goals will replace the Millennium Development Goals when they run out in 2015. While the report goes some way to addressing our call for the most vulnerable to be included, by recommending data is broken down into social groups, it is weak in failing to tackle inequality head on.

The report's proposals would only tackle the consequences of inequality, to bring everyone up to a minimum standard, rather than recognising that inequality itself is a major barrier to development. This is in stark contrast to the conclusion of the related UN consultation which received nearly 1,400 responses from all over the world.

A more unequal world is incompatible with eliminating poverty. Together we need to make sure that a goal on addressing income inequality is put into the proposed framework during the crucial next phase of UN talks in September, as well as targets on inequality under every other goal.

Please take action today. Please email your MP and ask them to raise your concerns with the Secretary of State for International Development, Justine Greening, who will represent the UK at UN talks in September.